Welcome to JBSims Consultancy! Your home for professional consultancy in Business Management, Clearing & Forwarding, IT, Logistics, and Marketing. We are here for you 24/7/365 to meet all your needs and wants. You are the reason we exist and each and every one of you is handled with the attention meriting your exact or specific needs and wants!


Our mission is to provide individuals, SMEs and Corporate institutions with high quality asset tags, barcodes, self-adhesive labels, correct/relevant information and procedures specific to their needs and wants for them achieve their business, career and strategic growth objectives and goals. We accommodate the most strategic and very well thought out solutions to client aspirations, challenges, limitations, responses and opportunities relative to the area of business, career, technological advancements and competition surrounding their (client) current circumstances/situations and where they want to be. We are a trusted and professional advisory consultancy, giving our clients objective, practical and results-driven analysis, solutions and applications.


Our vision is to be one of the best consultants in the world and a business that clients can fully rely on anytime and all the time!

Core Values

Our business is defined by five core values, which form a very important part of our business identity and operations:

Honesty and Objectivity: We do our work in an objective, simple and straight forward manner. We do not change our research results or analysis to accommodate illegitimate objectives.

Intellectual Quality: We create and apply comprehensive and thorough analytical and problem-solving techniques. Our approach is rooted in verifiable and re-creatable findings that lead to consistent results. We approach each aspect of our work as the only one of its kind that merits a unique and separately arrived at solution.

Consideration and Respect: Our consultancy work and personal behavior are governed by consideration and respect for each and everyone one of our existing and would be clients. Above all, we respect each human being irrespective of their appearance, background, color or financial position.

Ethics: We uphold the highest standard of ethics and transparency in our work and dealings with clients. We work very well with all clients and do not, never have and never will compromise client data or information.

Knowledge: Our work is based on knowledge acquired through our professional studies and our own experiences in business and life in general. We also interact with and learn from other business owners and professionals, CEOs, Directors, Consultants, Managers and Practitioners from all walks of life. We endeavor to consistently expand our knowledge in the areas of our consultancy through continued studies, research and interaction with different people to enhance our ability and service delivery in an excellent and exceptional manner.