About Us

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JBSims Consultancy was founded in January 2018 by our Proprietor Jack Bupe Simutowe, Ph.D. an Economist, Finance, IT and Logistics Professional. He has over 15 years of experience in Business, Finance, Clearing & Freight Forwarding, IT, Product & Systems Development and Logistics. We also have a team of competent, dedicated, professional and qualified staff who are ready to attend to your exact needs and wants!.

We realized that world over, majority of the people, both from business and social perspectives are proponents of the informed decision/s concept. We are not in any way against the informed decision/s concept. However, we place emphasis on informed decision/s on the correct/right and relevant information. It is worth noting that a decision may or might be an informed decision but as long as it is based on the wrong or irrelevant information, it will never be the best or good decision to have been made given that circumstance hence the need for decisions to be based on the correct/right and relevant information. It is from this background that our business JBSims Consultancy was born so as to help individuals/companies/institutions to be more effective and efficient in their operations so as to maximize on profitability. We further offer various products and services that are tailor made or specific to each and every customers’ exact needs and wants. This is what differentiates us from other consultants, product suppliers, system recommendation specialists, product developers and service providers on the market. Businesses keep evolving in the 21st century and whether you are a small or big business; you need to keep focused on developing products and services/solutions/systems that are needed to keep your business afloat. We pride ourselves in providing a perfect central nervous system through consultancy and various product supplies to sustain your business and the more reason we have partnered with various companies around the world to achieve this and bring you world class products, solutions, systems and services right to your doorstep.

We also supply various hardware and business software that will enable your business to be efficient in product and service delivery as well maximize the full potential of your profitability whatever industry you may be in. We also do asset tagging and we manufacture high quality asset tags and various self-adhesive labels right from our premises to meet all your self-adhesive label needs. And if you are a product supplier or manufacturer and do not have a unique barcode to identify your product, we are here to provide you with internationally approved and accepted barcodes for whatever industry you are in from Retail, Pharmaceutical, Shipping to Manufacturing. Simply put, we provide barcodes and various self-adhesive labels for whatever industry you may think of.

Our business JBSims Consultancy is a registered business in Zambia with the Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA) and our registration number is 320180000286. We offer consultancy online, at your premises and physically in our offices. We are here to meet your exact needs and wants as clients and be rest assured of exceptional and reliable product and service delivery. Contact us today, any day and anytime!