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Characteristics of Visionary Entrepreneurs

You may ask a question as in what it really takes to be an entrepreneur?. Further, you may also ask what it takes to be that kind of a truly visionary entrepreneur who has an idea that really shifts paradigms and changes the world for the better?.

Well, suffice to say that the answer/s will depend on who you ask. Whatever the answers maybe, here are a few things that most people will definitely agree as being relatively important when it comes to being a visionary entrepreneur.

Fearless – Risk is always involved when launching a new idea/venture. Even if that idea doesn’t involve financial risk, you’re still putting yourself on the line and there’s still a chance that your idea won’t sell or that it will be laughed at. You need a thick skin and you need to be willing to fail.

Resilient – Very important than the willingness to fail, is the willingness to get back up again when you do. Almost every successful entrepreneur will fail multiple times before they eventually succeed and this is because they keep on trying and trying and eventually they succeed. Its worth noting that you only need to succeed once.

Inventive/Innovative – An entrepreneur needs to be inventive as well as innovative. They need to be able to spot opportunities and come up with new ideas that others miss or are not fully taking advantage of. This is something that you may have been born with or may not have been born with to some extent, but there are certainly things you can do to encourage yourself to get more creative in your thinking.

Old – This is a good one and please pay attention. You don’t necessarily need to be old to be a successful entrepreneur. The point to be taken home here is that that you don’t need a specific age to be a successful entrepreneur but it is also worth noting that some of the most successful businesses are/were started by people in their 40s or older, for example KFC. So, don’t count yourself out of the race just because you are or you are not in your twenties, thirties or forties! You still have the time to succeed in your entrepreneurial venture/s.

Team Players – One misunderstood thing is that entrepreneurs are not team players and that they act alone/solo. In reality and the truth is that entrepreneurs almost always surround themselves with strong teams and credit this with some of their success. They do appreciate and acknowledge those that mentored them and assisted them on their start up journeys.

Passionate – This may as well be the most important characteristic of all that an entrepreneur needs to be passionate. If you don’t believe in your product or service, if you don’t feel incredibly excited about it, then you won’t have enough drive to see it through to completion. Moreover, you won’t be able to win over other people and get them excited about or for it. It is said that excitement is contagious, therefore, don’t carry on doing something that you find or is perceived to be dull and/or uninteresting.

I would like to state for the record that I do not think or consider myself better than anyone or others.  I have also made mistakes as well as failed at some point/s on my journey in business which I have learnt from and for that reason am validating the characteristics mentioned above especially the willingness of failing and willingness of getting back up after failing. That also gives me a better position to advise you on this so that you can avoid the mistakes or flaws that can potentially have a negative impact on your business and jump start you to a better start of your prospective business or smooth continuity of your already existing business venture/s.

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