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Creating business opportunities from problems or voids

If any opportunity comes my way, I will grab it. I have heard a lot of people say that. Others say they are unfortunate or disadvantaged and they can’t do anything about their situations in life. Many people wait for an opportunity to come their way and even when one does come, very few are able to recognize it not to talk of seizing it. Much as opportunities may or will come our way at one point which cannot be guaranteed, we have no control with the aspect of when that will be or when an opportunity will come our way from whatever perspective we are thinking of it or expecting it. Granted that opportunities may come our way at some point, what if we created them instead of waiting for them? What really constitutes an opportunity coming our way? Can an opportunity come our way or present itself without us noticing? These are some important questions we do well to ask ourselves especially when we are considering entrepreneurship or starting our own businesses.  Most of the time as we interact with both people and systems, we face one problem or the other from time to time. We either feel something is missing or is not being done in the manner or way it should.  The problems we face or voids we encounter are best scenarios to create opportunities and when you critically think about it, you will realize that those problems or voids are actually opportunities themselves. Think of how frustrated you may be about a problem or void and ask yourself the what if questions. What if I had a better way of doing this? What if I come up with a solution or solutions to mitigate these problems or voids? What if I came up with a method or system which can better handle such problems or voids? What if I set up my own business which can bridge the gap between what existing manufacturers, suppliers or service providers are offering and what the customer/s really need and want? As you slowly start answering these questions it will dawn on you that you have an opportunity or opportunities right before you or that you can create opportunities from that.

Thinking positively about problems or voids and how they can be solved or filled can create an opportunity or opportunities of a lifetime. Many businesses worldwide are born as a result of a problem or void that needs to be solved or filled. Working or starting a business venture from this inverse perspective as some may consider it assures you of an available market  or prospective client/s should you venture into a business that will be setup to solve or fill X problem/s or void/s. You can even straight away begin to profile and/or demographically segment your prospective clients or target market from a factual perspective and come up with efficient and effective marketing techniques that will draw them to your business and guarantee you of that or those sales when you start your business. I must state for the record that am not saying this is the only way a business can be born or started, but that it is one of the most easy and convenient ways to start-up a business in my opinion. In both the private and public sectors, institutional voids create great entrepreneurial opportunities.

No one loves to go through problems as they deal with people, systems and institutions in this busy world. Rather than get frustrated continuously as though the world is coming to an end, think of how to solve or fill those problems or voids. Think of what opportunities are presented or can be created by those problems or voids. Remember to ask yourself some of the what if questions and honestly answer them. You will be amazed with what you can do about or with those problems or voids!

4 thoughts on “Creating business opportunities from problems or voids

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