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JBSims partners with SYNAQ to bring affordable SaaS Services!

JBSims Consultancy is excited and proud to announce its partnership with SYNAQ to bring bring very affordable SaaS Services. These are great email solutions with great customer service delivery on a daily basis on integrated and comprehensive suite of premium cloud based email services that are delivered via the cloud.

Below are some of the main SaaS services this partnership brings at very affordable rates for any type and size of business/organization;

Cloud Mail: An affordable unified local cloud email service that provides next generation messaging and collaboration functionality and includes a native 10-year archive, all in one easy-to-use cloud platform. The service offers 2GB, 50GB and 100GB mailboxes services as well as a bulk mail option.

Securemail: A fully integrated cloud email Security service that incorporates an array of anti-virus, anti-spam, content control and anti-phishing technologies that act as the ultimate line of defense between the public Internet and organisations’ email servers.

Mail Archive: A comprehensive, compliant and secure email archive service that provides 10-year tamper proof unlimited email storage and integrates with all popular email systems to seamlessly archive all incoming, outgoing and internal email.

Continuity: SYNAQ continuity is an always-on email continuity service that provides uninterrupted access to sending and receiving when your on-site email server becomes unavailable.

Email Branding: A fully integrated cloud service that allows users to transform their daily business emails into effective marketing mediums through the application of standardized signature management, interactive banners and custom templates, all of which can be managed by clients through an easy to use UI.

Mail Management: This all in one Mail Management Suite of email services boasts all of the features; functionality and capabilities that businesses expect of feature rich messaging and includes security, archiving, branding and business continuity services for your business delivered via the cloud.

Confirmation of our partnership can be accessed on the link

These products/services are being offered at never before seen or head of prices.

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