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Why Being Part of Your Ex-Employees Lives is Good for Business in The 21st Century

This is the 21st century and a lot of things are changing/evolving. Most notably is technology. Technology is evolving at a very rapid stage and so should our thinking in business.  We are either creators, developers or end-users when it comes to technology but irrespective of which category we fall in, we are all affected by the changes in technology in the 21st century both as individuals and businesses.

Just as changes in technology are inevitable, there is one fact that is also inevitable like it or not in as far as employee employer relationships are concerned. That is, the reality that no employee will stick with an employer forever. There comes a time an employee will deem it fit to leave an employer for various reasons. It could be they are frustrated, moving on to a better paying or much more challenging Job as well as starting their own businesses. These are just but a few of many reasons that would make an employee leave an employer. The reason of an employee leaving employment to start their own business usually shakes and at times annoys some employers especially if that employee is starting a similar business or a business in the same industry. But I would like to state for the record that irrespective of the fact that an employee will leave you as an employer especially if they are starting there own business, there is no need for you to be shaken or worried as an employer or business owner. These employees are not our birthright as employers. They are bound to leave at a certain time and lets wish them well even as they part ways with our businesses/companies or institutions. I validate this claim for I am an employer and have had employees who have left me to start their own businesses and I was very happy for them and still is very happy for them and we are in touch and do link up from time to time as circumstances allow. Those that have worked for me will attest to this and much as am not claiming to have been the best employer in the world for them, I provided the best environment for them that allowed them to think outside the box and contribute to the growth of my business. They were given an opportunity to grow individually and am proud to have been part of their growth to the point they too become equipped and ready to go on their own, starting their own businesses and even after they left, we are in touch and I have created opportunities for some of them within which their newly found businesses/companies/ventures can do business with my businesses/Companies. This is called intra-trade and am a strong proponent of this kind of trade or way of doing business as will remain as such as long as I live.

As employers, senior management and supervisors in businesses, there is a tendency among SOME human beings to think its all about them and that they will always be around in relation to treating employees. That is a very wrong way of thinking in a business environment. When an employee leaves, they need to leave with a good relationship between them and you the employer (owner) of the business as well as who was in senior management or their supervisor. No man is an island, we need other people in life and so is the case in business. We need both individuals and other businesses as clients for our business to thrive and survive.

Employees are an asset and they can remain an asset to your business even when they will have left your organization. Them remaining an asset even after they have left your organisation entirely depends on how you treated them when they worked for or with you. Think of this fact which you have no control over. When an employee leaves, chances are that they will leave with some clients of yours to their own business or to their new employers. Why am I raising this point? Well we tend to think that business will survive entirely on good advertising/marketing practices but that is not entirely true and enough. Business also thrives on personal relationships with both you the owner of the business and your employees and this justifies why some clients will leave your business with the departure of your employee/s. These personal relationships need to be natured especially the employee employer relationships as well as the superior subordinate relationship. Employees do leave to start their own business or to join other companies. As a business you may need to do business with the company they have gone to or they have started. As their former boss you may find yourself looking for a job in their own company they started or in the new company  that has employed them. That ex-employee may now be sitting in a position of influence and what chance do you stand in getting to do business with their newly started business or their new employer or even get a Job with them or through them if you once treated them badly? As we employee people or as we preside over people in these organizations as owners of the businesses, managers, directors and supervisors, lets think deeply about this question.

When an employee is working with or for you irrespective of how low the position they hold, they have the potential for growth and it is your responsibility as a business owner or manager or boss or director whatever you are at that stage of their life to nature them and assist in their growth. Every human being has the potential to grow and be a success story irrespective of their background or where they will have started from. If you are in a position to assist and nature their growth either as an employer or manager or director in a business, do your part and assist them. When they leave, do not be upset with them, remain part of their lives for you never know when and how you will or may need them in the near future for your business or for employment opportunities.

The business environment is dynamic and lets embrace change and technology as things evolve. I have always said you can not write an exam alone as claim to be number 1. Competition is healthy for business. As long as ethics and and fair marketing practices are upheld, new entities are welcome on the market especially those that are innovative and add value to people’s lives and other businesses.

You can not do it all by yourself and that is why as a business or an employer you have employees, as a director you have managers under you and as managers you have supervisors under you and so on. In business the ultimate fact in as far as not doing it all alone is validated by the fact that you need clients. You cannot buy from yourself and be the only client to your own businesses and expect it to grow. You need other clients and these are individuals from different walks of life and businesses in various industries while other will are in the same industry as yours. Create a niche and find a way of doing business with those that may even be in the same industry as yours or same line of business as yours. Once again, this is called intra-trade and it is good for business. Think of how you can add value to an already existing business by coming up with a product or service that can achieve that, and approach that business and prove to them how your product or service will add value to them and you will be in business. The more reason there are synergies and out-sourcing in the the 21st century business environment. Let us  not hate on each other as individuals and businesses in the same industry, lets learn to co-exist through employment, synergies, outsourcing as well as innovative productive and service development.

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2 thoughts on “Why Being Part of Your Ex-Employees Lives is Good for Business in The 21st Century

  1. thank you for the inspiring article.i have learnt that an ex-employee is an asset to his former entity . employee employer relationship should be nurtured and treated well during the period of employment.this relationship can create intra- trade in the long run which can be beneficial to both the former employer and ex-employee.

  2. thank you for the inspiring article.i have learnt that an ex-employee is an asset to his former entity . employee employer relationship should be nurtured and treated well during the period of employment.this relationship can create intra- trade in the long run which can be beneficial to both the former employer and ex-employee.


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